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    I was at a local CVS pharmacy, and they have leggings and such at some pretty decent prices. I actually have bought a couple pair there and I like them. Great for around the house etc. So I have a set of cash receipt coupons to use up, so I went looking. Since I will be doing some traveling in mixed company, and my only pair of pajama pants are way to thick, I began to think about other options. Hmmmmm - - what about these Palazzo pants. Thin and silky feeling, loose fitting - - OK, most are a bit too flowery, but what the hell. Well - - - I'm sold!! by the time I used up the coupons, I spent a mere $1.29 on a maroon kinda flowery Hawaiian print. Tried them on when I got home and boy are these supper comfortable. I can see these being the summer lounge around the house / I need thin pajama pants option. These are gonna go well with a pair of wedge / chunky heeled summer sandals for sure. So why is it that the men's department doesn't have such comfortable options.
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    Now I have 2 pair of Palazzo pants, and 3 pair of wild looking leggings - - - - all under $2.00 a pair. I love coupons !!!

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