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    Well I'm lucky that mediums fit me just fine. But it's not the XL, its the XXXL ones you have to watch out for.
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    Dear All May I take this moment to welcome you all to LegWear Place... A new and fresh community to share your Legwear interests with others. Legwear Place is not going anywhere, its here to stay and best of all, its going to be run in a way thats well laid out, makes sense and is looked after professionally. Legwear Place is not a bolt on or spare limb of any manufacturers website, nor is it influenced by any outside sources. Why not take a moment to post a welcome of your own and tell others a bit about yourself.
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    Well, without adding any advertising, it will be a tad quiet. We need people to spread the word. Anybody here use the old crappy legwear forums on Delphi? Were already now ranked 3rd place in Google for "Legwear Forums".. Best thing is to post content that people want to contribute to and take part in, conversations that others want to join in with..
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    Now I have 2 pair of Palazzo pants, and 3 pair of wild looking leggings - - - - all under $2.00 a pair. I love coupons !!!
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    I was at a local CVS pharmacy, and they have leggings and such at some pretty decent prices. I actually have bought a couple pair there and I like them. Great for around the house etc. So I have a set of cash receipt coupons to use up, so I went looking. Since I will be doing some traveling in mixed company, and my only pair of pajama pants are way to thick, I began to think about other options. Hmmmmm - - what about these Palazzo pants. Thin and silky feeling, loose fitting - - OK, most are a bit too flowery, but what the hell. Well - - - I'm sold!! by the time I used up the coupons, I spent a mere $1.29 on a maroon kinda flowery Hawaiian print. Tried them on when I got home and boy are these supper comfortable. I can see these being the summer lounge around the house / I need thin pajama pants option. These are gonna go well with a pair of wedge / chunky heeled summer sandals for sure. So why is it that the men's department doesn't have such comfortable options.
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    I have found leggings to be great home wear. I've managed to find Camo, some wild patterns, Nine West ankle lace up, zippered ankle, along with a variety of brands. I probably now have more than I will ever wear out - - - - - Maybe !!
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    I also thought and hoped this would take off a bit more quickly. I still check in regularly. Logjam
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    I guess I’m the persona non grata here then 😜 I’m on the tall side, and carrying a few extra pounds ( working on that part, honest!) so I expect I will need at least an XL size. Logjam
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    Yeah "Leggings" definitely makes it onto the list, as they are not really sportswear, and they are too thick to be tights, they are more fashion wear...
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    I wouldn't want to wear anything tight fitting if I had to buy it in an XL.. Probably why it was on the shelf still? lol Flashbacks of "The people of Walmart" spring to mind...
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    Heelster - without prying, it sounds like “heal quickly, heal well!” May be in order. Best wishes!
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    Funny you mentioned fishing. Walking in 35 degree water in my waders is what got me into leggings back in the early 1980's
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    Good to see you made it here - should be interesting.
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    Welcome to LWP!

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