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  1. Well I'm lucky that mediums fit me just fine. But it's not the XL, its the XXXL ones you have to watch out for.
  2. This winter I started to wear more leggings to keep warm and I got tired of wear sweatpants. I got some velvet leggings and enjoy wearing them. Early this week I stopped by Macy's to what was left over in the velvet leggings selection...only one in XL, but I did find a pair of corduroy leggings from Hue in (M). Great fit and look.
  3. I think that "ggins" is a different are type. The others are thinner than the "ggins". In fact I have my corduroy legging on now. Also there are sleeves and leg warmers.
  4. Leggings, yoga pants, athletic tights and thermal. I like compression on my legs when doing several types of athletic endeavors and leggings help give me what I want.
  5. Funny you mentioned fishing. Walking in 35 degree water in my waders is what got me into leggings back in the early 1980's
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