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  1. I’m also pretty cheap, Heelster, expecially with regard to buying “optional” clothing like leggings. I watch for sales on items like leggings. My style of dress is 90% or so conventional male, and I’m also retired. My dear wife does the majority of clothes shopping for me at thrift stores, she is a Jedi master at the process, and so I generally feel very well put together, and fortunate! I do occasionally wear one of the two pair of full-length or three pair of 3/4 length leggings that I own under shorts. It’s a look I’ve seen elsewhere, I like it on myself as well. Logjam
  2. Leggings. For more, see my several recent posts on the other sub-forums. But, I won’t wear them in public except under shorts. I’m a bit older and carrying a few extra pounds (slowly working on that) and I think the shorts over make for a better overall look. As of right now, and assuming the weather is warm enough (NOT at present) my preferred style is the 3/4 length under shorts - I like the look, and that length lets me display my tattoo on my lower calf. I’m quite fond of the ink and what it represents. Logjam
  3. Hey Tech, I did not see your comment before posting similar comments on the Chit Chat subforum. I do not (yet) have any of the Under Armour full length leggings, but I purchased three pair of 3/4 length, each adifferent brand for comparison, and the UA are my favorites. All three seem pretty well made but the UA just “feels better” when worn. Been thinking about picking up a couple pairs of full length, I’ll likely do so next time I spot them on sale. Logjam
  4. I’ll see if I can jumpstart thisforum once more. I recently discovered, and pirchased three pairs of 3/4 length men’s athletic tights. love ‘em! A nice sensation of compression, AND they are very handy as an extra layer on these quite cold days we have had here of late. Twice now I’ve worn them under jeans while out on early AM winter photography “expeditions” and they help keep me warm. They probably wouldn’t be enough for all day outdoors, but they don’t have the bulk of conventional thermal underwear either. Logjam_legs
  5. I also thought and hoped this would take off a bit more quickly. I still check in regularly. Logjam
  6. I guess I’m the persona non grata here then 😜 I’m on the tall side, and carrying a few extra pounds ( working on that part, honest!) so I expect I will need at least an XL size. Logjam
  7. I hadn't thought of the sensation as compression, but I enjoy a snug fit on my legs and lower torso.
  8. Do "leggings" (or "jeggings" or "meggings" or whatever other types of "...ggings" may be floating around by now) count as a separate category?
  9. Heelster - without prying, it sounds like “heal quickly, heal well!” May be in order. Best wishes!
  10. What is your preferred type, or types, of legwear? Do you have color preferences? Anything else to add? As for me - first choice, sheer pantyhose or thigh highs in any “conventional” colors, second athletic/running tights, in whatever color strikes me at the moment. I’m still quite cautious about wearing sheers “out”, no worries with running tights as those are much more conventional. I would like to try hose with garter belt (for, ah, “convenience”) but haven’t yet found any that will fit me as I’m on the tall side and carrying a few more pounds than I really should. So - what’cha got? Logjam
  11. A little slower start than I would have expected. I wonder if some folks are lurking at first to see what happens. Being an occasional fisherman, I think I’ll do a bit of “chumming” - stay tuned! Logjam
  12. I hopped on board after learning about the new forums over at hhplace. About me - occasional heel wearer, more often legwear wearer, almost full-time toenail polish wearer (if that matters.) I tend to prefer thigh-highs when I can find them in my size, some pantyhose, and leggings and similar. I like the look, but mostly I like the feeling of something fitting snugly on my lower body. Other about me, if anyone cares - by education/trade, electrical engineer in an electrical power utility, planning retirement soon 71years old) married with three adult kids, outside interests include camping, some fishing, motorcycling, photography, woodworking (I’m kinda Adult ADD with the avocations) some volunteer work with our church, spoiling three grandkids. Live in the inland northwest US. Best to all! Logjam
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